7-Year Youtube Marketing Veteran Reveals…
Secret Little “Strategy”For Snagging The Top Spot On Youtube For Almost Any Video YouWant…
That Takes Only 60 Minutes To Implement….
Resulting In Free Ongoing Traffic
& Sales For Months, Or Even
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Dear Affiliate and Youtube Marketer,

Adam Payne here. 

I absolutely love Youtube. It brings me a ton of free traffic and sales on almost complete autopilot. 

It’s been my “secret marketing strategy” for the last 7 years. 

Although it’s not really a secret anymore because a lot of people now know me for my expertise in Youtube and video marketing. 

Fellow marketers started to take notice of me because of my video marketing training and the results I’ve been able to achieve with it. 

I guess it’s hard not to notice when I show people how I’ve been able to get results like…

Youtube Page 1 Rankings

Ranking On The Front Page Of Google

Ranking videos on the first page of Youtube and Google is great and all.

I’m sure my mom would be proud. 

But top rankings alone won’t put food on the table. 

The most impressive part of these videos is that…

They ALSO Help Make Money...
These are some commissions that I made while on vacation in London 

I’m not showing you all this to brag. 

I just want you to know what’s possible when you harness the power of Youtube. 

You see these results and you might be asking yourself

“Is it luck?”

    How can an average guy like me - father and husband living in Japan go from being a “nobody” to getting a bunch of videos online that bring sales on a daily basis? 

    Did I just get lucky and my videos magically appeared on the first page of Youtube and Google? 

    Did a bunch of random people just stumble upon my videos, click the links and buy the products I was promoting? 

    I wish it worked that way, but here’s the thing... 

    This isn’t luck. 

    I’ve been getting these kinds of results for years

    This is the result of many months of trial and error, and many thousands of dollars spent on courses learning how to rank videos on YouTube.

    I can replicate these results for just about any video I want (that are within my limits... Some video spots are almost impossible to crack!) 

    Maybe you could say that I have boiled it down to a science. 

    A formula that I’ve been perfecting over the years. 

    And the most important thing to know - is that it’s still working now!

    Here’s The Secret

    After many long nights dissecting my own top-ranking videos (and others), here's what I discovered.

    The secret is that Youtube has a particular way they like to see videos set up, and more precisely, how a channel is set up

    Unfortunately, nearly all youtube marketers get this wrong! 

    That’s why they struggle. 

    And if you’re reading this letter, then I’m going to take a wild guess and say you’re one of the many struggling with Youtube right now. 

    I was lucky enough to get it right. (after the money I’d spent on courses and after putting in the hours, I’d expect to have it worked out! ha!)

    Now, I’ve decided to share my tried and tested formula for creating a Youtube channel and videos within it the way that YT loves and rewards. 

    I’m all about sharing my knowledge with the marketing community because that’s what I do and love. 

    This is what’s working for me right now (and has continued to work). I know it will work for you too. 


    Step-By-Step: How To Create Perfectly Optimized
    Channels That Youtube & Google Love & Make You Money

    Inside Youtube Channel Mastery, you’ll be following along, as if you were looking over my shoulder, as I set up a new, fully-optimized Youtube channel from scratch - The same way I set up ALL my channels. 

    And when I say “optimized”, I don’t mean to get videos ranking high (although that's part of it)

    I mean making an optimized channel and ranking videos that attract buyers!

    It’s ALL About Creating A Channel That Makes Money

    That’s the whole point. You want to make money. And a properly set up channel is the 'magic sauce' to get buyers clicking, watching and purchasing your products

    It’s not rocket science when you know how to do it. 

    You just need to know what Youtube is looking for and optimize your channel for that. 

    And that’s exactly what I’m showing you how to do. 

    You see everything I do. 

    Everything from the start --- from finding a hot niche market, to finding products to sell, to getting your videos in the top position.

    Come with me and follow along as I share this secret formula with you.

    One other reason I created Youtube Channel Mastery is because I see a lot of mis-information out there about Youtube and I want to set the record straight. 

    I hate it when I see people wasting their time doing things things the wrong way. 

    I hate even more when I see other so-called ‘experts’ teach methods that are wrong! (especially blackhat methods that can get your account shut down). 

    You deserve to know what actually works

    And rest assured that there is nothing difficult or risky about anything I do and teach. 

    Just solid methods that work. 

    Here’s what you’re getting inside “Youtube Channel Mastery”... 

    After you make your purchase, you’ll be sent your login details for access to our members area where you’ll find the whole course.

    I’ve set up the YTCM course into 4 modules. Each module contains several short, ‘over-the-shoulder’ instructional videos.

    Module 1 reveals…
    Choosing A Niche For Easy Profit
    • How to uncover and validate profitable niches
    •  How to create a brand that you can spread to all of social media
    •  How to make sure you can get the .com domain for your brand too
    •  How to come up with an endless supply of ‘profitable’ video ideas even before you start
    Module 2 reveals…
    Creating & Optimizing Your Channel
    • What Youtube actually wants
    •  How to gain instant authority with your channel viewers
    •  The must-do’s when making your channel look pretty & professional
    •  The basic and advanced settings you must optimize

    Module 3 reveals…
    Optimizing Your Website
    • How and why you need to use tracking on your site
    •  How to add Google tag manager & Analytics
    •  How to get your site indexed on Google and Bing
    Module 4 reveals…
    Growing Your Channel
    • How to get more subscribers
    •  What Blogger can do for you (yes it still exists!)
    •  How to keep viewers watching your YOUR video and not click to a competitor
    •  How to make magnetic videos without ever appearing on camera
    Plus I’ve got some GREAT bonus content for you too:
    •  How to Rank for Evergreen products
    •  Interactive YT Channel Creation Checklist
    •  YouTube Ranking Myths
    •  YouTuber Vs YouTube Marketer Explained...
    •  Social Media Video Specs Infographic
    Fresh for 2019 & Beyond

    This is all fresh, up-to-date content!

    I use Youtube on a daily basis for my own marketing so I’m always keeping an eye out for changes, and I tweak my channel and vids to suit. 

    That way I can stay on top of my game and ahead of the competition

    As a Youtube and video marketing teacher and authority on the subject, my students also expect me to be on top of the news. 

    That’s one of the reasons why my students also get great results

    Take a look at what some of my students have to say about my courses...

    These results came from students who followed my method and applied it. 

    They might not be typical (because the typical ‘IMer’ doesn’t actually do anything with the product they buy)... 

    But results like this are attainable for anyone who does actually put what I teach to use! 

    You’ll be relieved to know that you don’t have to be a computer tech whizz, or have a degree in marketing or video production either. 

    Who is this for?

    • If you’re able to set aside 60 minutes to implement the steps as I teach them
    • If you want more real views and subscribers for your channel(s)
    • If you’re trying to sell more of your product or service
    • ​If you’re looking for a way to create an income stream from scratch using Youtube (I show you how to do it from scratch)
    • ​If you’re a local business consultant with clients who need a YT channel (or are struggling to get their current channel noticed)
    • ​If you’re just getting into video marketing and want to know the best way to create profitable Youtube channels and avoid all the mistakes
    Who This Is Not For
    This might not be for you…
    • ​If you’re “unteachable” and a “know-it-all” marketer
    • ​If you can’t stay focused for 60 minutes to implement this formula
    • ​If you are looking for a “get rich quick” scheme
    •  If you’re not willing to invest any money into your business to learn correct growth strategies
    •  If you are looking for ‘instant page 1 results’ (often blackhat methods that will get your account shut down)
    Ready To Dominate YouTube?
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    PP.S. All these little tweaks can be implemented in one afternoon and can have BIG, long-lasting effects. (talk about “set ‘n’ forget”). 

    There is a TON of free traffic to be had from Youtube and you’re only a few minutes away from discovering exactly how to tap into it and turn it into sales!

    Adam Payne
    The Video Marketing Insider Presents YouTube Channel Mastery - 2019