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Twitter Video Mastery is a course for beginners in Twitter. 

I use over the shoulder videos to teach you about the basics of twitter and how to use video to grow an audience of fans.

We cover everything from profile growth to prospect mining to more advanced video ads strategies.
When it comes to using Twitter to drive traffic, you’re probably in one of three categories:

You know the power of Twitter  to generate massive results, but you haven’t done it for yourself yet.
You’ve had a little success with
Twitter, but can’t seem to generate the numbers you see other people doing.
You’re happy with the Twitter results you’ve had so far, and now you want MORE, baby, MORE!
No matter which category you find yourself in…

Twitter Video Mastery is by far the most PROVEN, REVOLUTIONARY, “INSIDER Twitter video” training that I GUARANTEE can take you to that next level…
What's Inside?
  •  Complete Getting started Guide
  •  Profile Real Estate Mastery
  •  Prospect Mining - Growth Hacks 
  •  The Twitter Pixel - Explained and Shown
  •  Twitter Video Secrets
  •  Video Creation Secrets - Never Run out of ideas - Never appear on camera.
  •  Walk on the Wild Side Method - Warning. Side effects could include making moolah.
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Adam Payne
PS... You Can use Twitter Video Mastery to grow your:

+ Email List
+ YouTube Channel
+ Facebook Fan Page
+ Bank account
PPS. Any questions, send them to: [email protected]
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